Cecilia V Sanchez, Ft. Worth Dietitian

Did you know that your first couple of years after bariatric surgery, your weight loss occurs almost naturally? Research shows around year three post-surgery, those who do not attend regular follow-up appointments are more likely to experience weight regain. Has this happened to you? Do you want to prevent this from happening? Keys to successful weight maintenance include: continued follow-up care, consistent vitamin and mineral supplementation, and adjusting your goals as life’s obstacles happen.

Vitamin and mineral supplementation is just as important years after surgery as it is immediately following your surgery, although your needs may not be as high. Attending your follow-up appointments and getting your labs drawn ahead of time can prevent any unnecessary vitamin and mineral deficiencies and toxicities (yes, it’s possible to take too much of a vitamin/mineral).  Your B-vitamins, e-cig, help provide your body with the tools necessary for energy conversion.

It sounds simple, but most think of only the end product and getting to the “finish line” without any thought of how to stay there. Your My Bariatric Solutions’ team can help you set new goals and introduce you to new behaviors that work best for you.

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