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More and more companies are choosing not to include bariatric surgery coverage in their medical insurance policies offered to employees.  If your insurance does not cover bariatric surgery, do not get discouraged. While My Bariatric Solutions does not offer in house payment plans, we do work with several medical financing companies. Many of our patients have had success financing their weight loss surgeries through these partners.  Since My Bariatric Solutions has chosen to contract out financing with them, some of these companies offer a lower interest rate to our patients than they would by applying directly with the company itself.
More information about these financing companies can be found on our website. Patients who are interested in financing their bariatric surgery can apply for these loans 24/7.

Always remember that medical financing companies are great to have as an option for your bariatric surgery, but you may be able to find lower interest rate loans through your own personal options.

  • Personal Bank/Family Loan
  • Credit Union
  • 401K
  • Federal Tax Return
  • Flexible Medical Spending Accounts

For more information on surgical weight loss options including:  lap band, gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgeries visit:
Patients in the Dallas, Fort Worth area can call My Bariatric Solutions at 940-249-9009 and schedule a consultation to discuss your bariatric surgery financing and insurance options.

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