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We offer Virtual Consultations for Weight Loss Surgery

My Bariatric Solutions offers online telemedicine consultations for bariatric surgery patients who are long-distance. 

How it Works:

– We refer you to local providers for measurements and tests

– Schedule your online consultation with My Bariatric Solutions

– Travel to Decatur for surgery (we also have special reduced rates at a hotel located near our hospital for your convenience)

Weight loss through bariatric surgery has many potential health benefits:

– decreased back and joint pain

– lowered blood pressure

– reducing or eliminating medical management of sleep apnea

– type 2 diabetes


Ready to Start Your Weight Loss Journey? Take The First Step.

Our surgeons, Dr. Arsalla Islam, MD, and Dr. Heath Smith, MD, have helped many patients achieve significant weight loss with Gastric Sleeve procedure at our award-winning campus in North Texas. The on-going support of the My Bariatric Solutions team of registered dietitians, nurse practitioners, an exercise physiologist, patient advocates, and psychologists help patients to keep off the weight, and succeed in their weight loss journey.

Weight loss through bariatric surgery has many potential health benefits, including:

  • decreased back and joint pain,
  • lowered blood pressure,
  • reducing or eliminating medical management of sleep apnea,
  • and Type II diabetes.

When you make the decision to have bariatric surgery, you want to have the option to schedule the surgery when it makes the most sense for you and your lifestyle. The team at My Bariatric Solutions understands your needs and wants to make sure that you have the opportunity to plan your surgery to fit into your calendar.

Whether you chose the gastric sleeve, bypass or balloon, we want to give you options to help you reach your goals as fast a possible. Contact us today to see how quickly we can get you on your way to health.

My Bariatric Solutions provides sleeve gastrectomy, or gastric sleeve surgery, for patients in North Fort Worth, Decatur, Abilene, Waco, and surrounding North Texas communities as well as Southern Oklahoma. Gastric sleeve surgery is unique in that it facilitates weight loss by permanently reducing the size of the stomach. It does not require gastric bypass or insertion of a gastric band like other bariatric surgery options.

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