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Dietitian, MS, RDN, LD - Rebecca

My name is Rebecca Luttrell and I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. I help educate patients regarding their diets before and after surgery. Post-surgery, I assist with any nutritional needs patients may have.

I joined the My Bariatric Solution team in May 2017. I bring 25 years’ experience of customer service and 14 years of wellness care to this team. I became interested in bariatrics due to my intensive dietetic internship rotations. This exposed me to bariatrics both in the clinical and nutritional counseling settings. I appreciate and want to support the population of people we serve.

My favorite part of being at My Bariatric Solutions is being part of this dynamic team, because it allows me to be challenged and increases my skill level. Also, working with them is lot of fun!

When I’m not working on assisting our patients at My Bariatric Solutions, I like to be at home with kids, studying, cleaning around the house and being with friends and neighbors.

I am a mother, reader and movie watcher from the north Fort Worth area.

The things that I love most in life are hanging out and doing things with my kids, my relationship with God and my career choice! I have been in Precepts Bible studies for almost 10 years, and really love it. I have been a dietitian for 1 year and love it too!