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Clinic Floater - Laura

I am a clinic floater. I help colleagues to collect data for MBSAQIP.

I joined the My Bariatric Solution team in March 2017. I bring 15 years’ experience to this team. I became interested in Bariatrics because I had several family members that have had the procedure and saw how well it worked for them and wanted to help others in any way I can.

My favorite part of being at My Bariatric Solutions is the interaction with clients, it allows me to be a productive part of the team. I also enjoy meeting new people from all over!

When I am not working data collection at My Bariatric Solutions, I like to kayak, fish, and antique.

I am a mother, wife and nurse from Wise County.

The things I love most in life are God, family and friends.

I have been in the medical field for 15 years, and I really love it.