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Hello, My Bariatric Solutions community! The cold of Winter is coming to an end as March ushers in the Spring season on the 20th. Winter is a time of reflecting and releasing so we are prepared for the renewal that Spring brings. This is a great time of year to be inspired by rebirth and transformation. Here is a time where all the right energies can keep you motivated in your goals. The routine of Spring is a great reminder as nature teaches us a valuable lesson year after year. Even after the coldest of Winters, greenery and flowers find a way to bloom again.

Have you ever been in a period where you lost sight of your healthy habits and goals? Did you get distracted by romantic dinners and Super Bowl celebrations in February? Spring reminds us it is ok. We can always start again – in fact – it is a natural process. Don’t forget the tools which helped you be successful, and remain open minded to new ones. Your body and mind may need a little Spring cleaning! Now is the time to take these steps, and always remember you have access to mental health support in every stage of your journey. We wish you a happy start to Spring from Advantage Point Behavioral!

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