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Date Operation: March 2014
Weight Loss: 56 LBS
Category: Band over Sleeve

I am a 62 year old wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.  My heritage comes from a long line of large and overweight family members on my mother and grandfather’s side of the family.  I have dieted along with my mother from the age of 13.  At 22 years old, after the birth of my second son, I joined weight watchers and became a life-time member, having reached my goal weight.

In 1985, I became a certified exercise instructor and opened up and managed a exercise facility – teaching 3 classes a day for 3 1/2 years.  In 1989, my oldest son was nearly killed in a bull riding accident at the age of 16.  After several weeks in the hospital by his bed side and being informed by his doctors that he had a long road to recovery, my emotions and lack of exercise and eating right took a toll on my weight once again.  My weight escalated from 118 lbs to 243 lbs over a period of 5 years. Once again, I joined weight watchers and then Slim for Life, but never achieved my weight loss.

In 2006, after reaching the decision that my health was spiraling downward due to my weight, I chose to have the Lap-Band procedure.  Over a period of seven years, I lost approximately 44 lbs and hit a plateau.  Being frustrated at 199 lbs., I chose to search out the Gastric Sleeve procedure (I had reservations about ever being at my goal weight again).

I researched information on Dr. Stowers and My Bariatric Solutions and with much confidence, chose to proceed with the Gastric Sleeve.  However, before proceeding with the gastric sleeve, my Lap-Band needed to be removed as well as needing a hernia repair.   Dr. Stowers assured me that he would perform all 3 surgeries at one time which he successfully achieved!

My post op care with Dr. Stowers and My Bariatric Solutions from the first week to the first year has been phenomenal.  The office and nursing staff have encouraged me greatly.  I always look forward to each appointment!

I had an “Aha Moment” when I realized that I can go shopping and purchase clothes in the petite department.  I so enjoy buying cute and trendy clothes once again.  I also enjoy exercising and dance, which is my true love!  My energy level is fantastic!  I feel that I have been given a “second chance” to enjoy the “golden years” that lie ahead.  I am one happy wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother!  Thank you Dr. Stowers and all of his wonderful stafffor my renewed life!

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