Date Operation: October 2007
Weight Loss: Coming Soon
Procedure: Gastric Bypass

Oct. 22, 2007, I had Gastric Bypass surgery for my birthday, which is now known as my “re-birthday”.  Leading up to this life changing event were a multitude of health related issues.  I had Type II diabetes; my cholesterol was over 800, sleep apnea and high blood pressure…all of the conditions that go along with being overweight.


I’d heard of Gastric Bypass, but didn’t know if it was for me.  After doing a lot of research in early 2007, I went to a seminar at My Bariatric Solutions and got the ball rolling.

My life after surgery is more then I could have ever expected.  On my last doctor visit my blood work and blood pressure were where they should be.  After being a Type II diabetic with an insulin pump for 14 years, I am almost completely off insulin now.

The staff at My Bariatric Solutions, and especially Dr. Stowers, are some of the most caring, helpful people I have ever met.  They are truly lifesavers, they saved mine!