Operation Date: March 2010 rachaels-story-image
Weight Loss: 125 lbs.
Procedure: Gastric Bypass

I had tried every diet and every exercise out there and nothing worked.  It then got to the point where my health was being affected by the high blood pressure, borderline diabetic, borderline cholesterol.

I found Dr. Stowers online and spoke with the wonderful staff.My husband and I attended a seminar and I opted for the Gastric Bypass.  My blood pressure stabilized, my cholesterol went down.  On an emotional level, I am able to get on the trampoline with my daughter.  I can play volley ball and my overall activity level has increased as has my self esteem.

It has been a blessing!  Dr. Stowers didn’t come across as just a Doctor, he was genuinely concerned and answered my questions and my husband’s.  He is just a wonderful guy!