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Protein Fluff

protein-fluff Ingredients: ¼ c. Red Velvet Cake mix (or cake mix of choice) 8 oz tub of Sugar Free Fat Free Cool Whip 6 oz Cheesecake Sugar Free Jello Instant Pudding (or pudding flavor of choice) 3 scoops vanilla protein powder (or protein powder of choice) Directions: Prepare pudding mix as indicated on package. Mix in protein powder and cake mix until dissolved. Mix in thawed cool whip. Estimated Kcal/Pro Serving Size: ¼ c ~ 100 kcal ~ 6-10 g protein depending on type and amount of protein powder ***You can also prepare this recipe without the protein powder and then portion it out and then add protein powder. That allows you to get more protein per serving. Recipe source: Kelsey Shepperd, MS, RD/LD Photo source: