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Remember… Good things come to those who work hard!

  1. Lack of Motivation:
    • Problem: Not enough motivation to want to work out or be consistent with the workout.
    • Solutions:
      • Set easy to reach goals so as to see yourself succeed
      • Set monthly or weekly challenges as to bring out the inner competitor
      • Work out with someone (friend, family or trainer) for an outside motivator
  1. Not enough time:
    • Problem: Not being able to “find” time to work out due work, kids, etc.
    • Solutions:
      • Schedule it into your day. This means set aside a time on your schedule so that you will always have that time available.
      • It doesn’t have to be an hour. Even just 30 min out of the day can be used for a good workout, such as HIIT, Tabata, Zumba or even just walking or riding a bike.
      • Remember, anything is better than nothing.
  1. Hating exercise in general:
    • Problem: Don’t like exercise due to being bored, finding no fun in it or even being embarrassed.
    • Solutions:
      • It doesn’t have to be in a gym. Things like hiking, trail walks, riding bikes, kick boxing, sports, at home workout videos all can be used as exercise.
      • Finding one or more things that interest you and going with those can be a way to overcome hating it. Just because you may not like the gym or lifting weights doesn’t mean there aren’t other forms out there.
  2. Not knowing what to do to get started:
    • Problem: Not knowing where to start or how to do some of the exercises can cause failure to start a workout routine anyway.
    • Solutions:
      • Getting a personal trainer. This allows you to learn how to work-out without having that feeling of being lost or overwhelmed.
      • Don’t get caught up in what others are doing. Find something you like or know what to do and start there.
      • Workout videos or group classes are great because they will show you how to do the exercises as you do them.


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