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Instant Loan Approval for Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses

With so many decisions to make when it comes to healthcare, it’s no wonder that unexpected expenses can leave you scrambling for answers. If you’re looking for help with out-of-pocket medical expenses associated with a procedure performed at one of our clinics, consider Prosper Healthcare Lending.
A New Patients-First Partnership
At My Bariatric Solutions, we’re committed to providing each of our patients with the care and support necessary to achieve and maintain their health and weight-loss goals. That’s why we’ve partnered with Prosper Healthcare Lending  a nationally recognized financial firm that uses technology-based solutions to help providers throughout the country Make Healthcare Affordableâ„¢.
How Can Prosper Healthcare Lending Help Me?
Health insurance claim form with money
Rising costs, high deductibles, and significant changes to insurance plans are significantly increasing the amount of out-of-pocket medical expenses patients are required to pay. This has motivated more healthcare providers to re-evaluate their revenue cycle management strategies and, more and more, healthcare organizations are shifting to a pay up-front model that requires full payment prior to scheduling costly healthcare services. Unfortunately, this can often mean delaying a necessary procedure until the money is available.
Here’s how Prosper Healthcare Lending is making it easier to pay those out-of-pocket medical expenses:

  • An online loan application takes less than two minutes to complete and submit
  • Decisions and approvals are made available within 10 seconds
  • Loan inquiries do not affect credit ratings
  • High-dollar installment loans are able to used for elective or other procedures not covered by insurance, insurance deductibles, or co-insurance
  • The HIPAA compliant financing platform is secure; financing information is delivered from the cloud without any transaction fees for the healthcare provider (a savings that is passed on to you).

More about the Loans Available
Prospect-Lending-logoProsper Healthcare Lending has worked hard to integrate its platform with some of the most innovative and trusted lenders in the nation. As a result, they are able to instantly deliver patients the most competitive and comprehensive suite of high-dollar, healthcare loan products in the country. Individuals who obtain a loan receive the proceeds now so that they can pay their healthcare provider and they pay the lender back over time.
How Much Can I Borrow?
Patients can submit an inquiry with Prosper Healthcare Lending from the comfort of their home and have up to $100,000 in their bank account the next day. This is possible because the lenders who fund these loans have streamlined their operations to provide a seamless online lending experience through the Prosper Healthcare Lending platform.
How Do I Request a Loan?
Visit the Insurance & Financing page of Navigate to, then click on, Prosper Healthcare Lending to begin your inquiry.
Where Can I Access the Platform?
Prosper Healthcare Lending’s platform gives healthcare providers the ability to offer financing to patients at the point of service, from the provider’s website, or from any mobile device. Patients or their family members can submit an inquiry in less than two minutes and can receive a loan approval in less than 10 seconds without affecting their credit.
For More Information:
Watch the video on Prosper Healthcare Lending to learn more about your financial options for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

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