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Is your New Year resolution to lose weight and get back in shape off to a slow start? Or maybe you started strong but now the weight loss has stalled, and you are not ready for bariatric surgery, but you could use a little help.  You may want to consider My Bariatric Solutions non-surgical weight loss program.

Our program offers an alternative to bariatric surgery with an evaluation by an obesity trained provider, nutritional counseling and an exercise specialist consultation for a program that fits in your life. Here’s what you could expect.

Initial Consult:

Meet with one our obesity trained Nurse Practitioners that will:

  • Assess and evaluate your current health and weight status and review your weight loss goals.
  • Discuss and implement weight loss medications if appropriate.
  • Evaluated and if appropriate implement our specially formulated weight loss injection containing essential vitamins and amino acids.

Meet with our registered dietician that will:

  • Further evaluate your nutritional history, health and fitness goals, and knowledge your knowledge of basic nutrition and exercise concepts.
  • Develop a nutrition and supplementations program targeted at your specific needs.
  • Evaluate your general understanding of the education provided as well as your general level of motivation and accountability and recommended additional follow-up visits as needed.

Meet with our exercise specialist that will:

  • Will evaluate your current exercise practices and tolerances.
  • Develop an exercise program that fits your life and exercise abilities.

1. Follow ups may be:

  • Weekly – If receiving injections. Can also meet with dietician and exercise if needed.
    • For those that need a little more reinforcement, motivation or accountability to get things done.
    • Reinforces how to eat and evaluate your understanding of the recommendations.
    • Learn to modify bad habits.
    • Receive weekly coaching sessions to motivate you.
    • Have someone there to be accountable to.
  • Monthly –With NP, dietician and exercises specialist.
    • For fast starters, continued weight loss, and maintenance.
    • Meet with NP to evaluate further continuation or change in weight loss medications and weight loss injection. Your chance to ask questions and discuss successes and failures.
    • Meet with dietician to review previous visits education, food logs and food modifications.
    • Meet with exercise specialist – to review current work out program, take body measurements, and make modifications to your program as needed.

We also have supplements available:

  • Specialized weight loss injection (given in office only)
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Protein powder supplements
  • Protein Supplements
My Bariatric Solutions