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Nik’s Angelic Eggs

angelic-eggs Ingredients 2 hard boiled eggs 4 heaping tablespoons of your favorite chicken salad recipe (below are the ingredients for one) Optional: Real or Imitation Bacon Bits for topping Nik’s Basic Chicken Salad Recipe Ingredients: 1 small can chicken breast 3 tbsp 0% unflavored Greek yogurt 2 tbsp light mayo 1 tbsp diced onion A few cherry tomatoes, quartered A few shakes each of: onion salt, garlic powder, ground black pepper In a bowl, break up chicken meat chunks with a fork and mix in onion. In a separate bowl, mix together yogurt, mayo and spices. Taste and adjust. When it’s the way you want it, THEN dump it into your chicken mixture. Add tomatoes and away we go! Now, slice your egg in half and discard the yolk (it hurt my heart to do this but there just isn’t room for that yolk and since the protein is in the egg white…well…I just had to do it!!!). Fill in the cavity in the egg half with your chicken salad and top with bacon bits! Credit: