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This is a N.E.A.T way to improve your daily physical activity!
Non Exercise Activity Time
You do not need to be at a health club to improve your physical activity. Throughout your day, you can add in some N.E.A.T ways to improve your daily physical activity. Any N.E.A.T way you can add to your structured exercise can help you reach your daily caloric burn and health and fitness goal. People’s lives today tend be sedative at work, while commuting, and at home. Any small changes you can make  during your day to get up and move will help improve your physical activity.
Below is a list of daily activities and the amount of calories they burn.  The caloric burn numbers for activities below are for a person weighing 200lbs.
$1·       Brush teeth- 4mins (15 calories)
$1·       Unloading car- 5mins (24 calories)
$1·       Washing Dishes- 10mins (34 calories)
$1·       Standing- 25mins (45 calories)
$1·       Pushing stroller with child- 20mins (80 calories)
$1·       Walking 2.0mph- 20mins (84 calories)
$1·       Housework- 20mins ( 88 calories)
$1·       Cooking- 25mins (100 calories)
$1·       Mopping- 15mins (102 calories)
$1·       Walking stairs- 10mins (122 calories)
$1·       Walking 3.0mph- 20mins (132 calories)
$1·       Gardening- 20mins (164 calories)
$1·       Feeding livestock- 25mins (180 calories)
$1·       Mowing- Push- 90mins (594 calories)
These are just a few examples of N.E.A.T ways to improve your daily physical activity.  It is important to remember that these are ways to get yourself more active throughout the day, not a way to replace a regular exercise program. A regular exercise program will help improve your health!
To give you an idea how important these N.E.A.T ways are at improving daily physical activity, we can break down an average week. Every week has one hundred and sixty eight hours. We can break the week down into four major groups: Work/driving, Sleep, Exercise program, all other time.
$1·       Work/driving 70 hours = 42%
$1·       Sleep 56 hours = 33%
$1·       Exercise program (150 250 minutes) 2.5 hours 4 hours = 1.5%-2.4%
$1·       All other time 39.5 hours 38 hours = 23.5%-22.6%
If we look at the break down of a week, we can see a quality exercise program takes up to 1.5 to 2.4 % of the week. We can see how important improving our daily physical activity is when our quality exercise program is really a very small percentage of our week. Any improvements to your daily physical activity will add up to help maintain muscle and lose excess body fat.

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