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My Bariatric Solutions will always put patients first and continue to strive for perfection and not mediocrity.  My Mobile Unit, is the ONLY mobile bariatric unit in the country and first hit the streets in mid-September 2011 bringing adjustments, follow up appointments, and Take Over Care to patients in outlying Texas cities including the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Abilene, Waco and other towns coming soon. Patients can schedule their appointments by calling 940-249-9009 or emailing one of our patient advocates at

Did you see a different physician and would like the My Bariatric Solutions team to take over your care? We are here to help you! There are no fees for Takeover Care. Call us today to schedule your bariatric follow-up appointment and to find out more about our take over care process.

My Bariatric Solutions has put together a team of dedicated employees for the Mobile Unit, including Mobile Unit Supervisor, Rich Carrerra, Mobile Unit Technician, Colleen Smith, Mobile Unit X-Ray Technician and Shantell Hayes, Nurse Practitioner.

My Bariatric Solutions with Texas Bariatric Surgeons,  Dr. Arsalla Islam and Dr. Heath Smith are serving patients in Dallas/Fort Worth, North Texas, Abilene, Waco, Oklahoma, as well as, throughout the United States in our Decatur, Texas, location, our Waco, Texas location, and our Fort Worth, Texas, location.

We encourage you to call the My Mobile Unit Bariatric Hotline for more information and to make appointments at 940-249-9009 or contact one of our patient advocates with our contact form.

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