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My Bariatric Solutions Offers Solutions for Post-Surgery Dehydration

Growing obesity rates lead to a rising number of bariatric surgeries, according to Science Daily.

My Bariatric Solutions announces its commitment to help bariatric patients avoid dangerous postoperative dehydration.

Dallas, TX. Feb. 26, 2014:

My Bariatric Solutions, the leading surgical weight-loss resource center in the greater Dallas area, offers a free 4-point plan to avoid dehydration during recovery from bariatric surgery.

The World Health Organization reports that across the globe, the number of obese adults and children has almost doubled since 1980. As obesity rates rise, so do the numbers of people seeking to improve their health with weight-loss surgery. Bariatric surgery has helped hundreds of thousands of people jump-start a new, healthy lifestyle but no surgical procedure is completely risk-free. Post-operative dehydration is a common problem among weight-loss patients. My Bariatric Solutions has the solution for post-surgical dehydration.

The experts at My Bariatric Solutions remind patients that dehydration, though potentially dangerous, is 100 percent preventable. The plan suggested by My Bariatric Solutions has 4 main points:

  1. Education. Surgeons working with My Bariatric Solutions need to educate their patients on the
    symptoms and risks of dehydration.
  2. Fluid replacement. A hydration plan includes more than drinking water at regular intervals. It
    may also include specific foods and other fluids, including intravenous fluids.
  3. Planning. With weight loss, bariatric patients become more active and may begin a regular
    regimen of exercise for the first time in years. Proper planning for hydration with exercise is
  4. Avoidance of alcohol and other substances or activities that might lead to dehydration.


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