Operation Date: January 2009
Weight Loss: 133 lbs.
Procedure: Lap Band

michelles-story-imageBefore Lap-Band surgery, I was so depressed because I had tried almost everything to get the weight off and more importantly to keep it off for the last 20 years.  I heard about bariatric surgery three years before I actually decided to try it.  My aversion was getting the “fill” and seeing people that had not succeeded-but I also saw people that had succeeded and I wanted to know what they did that was different.  I was borderline diabetic, on a very strong acid reflux medicine because of GERD, had sleep apnea and just developed high blood pressure.  I had no energy to do the things I used to do.  I was miserable

I “interviewed” six physician’s programs in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area before I committed to Dr. Stowers. I chose My Bariatric Solutions because:

1) Dr. Stowers and hisThe staff took the time to answer my questions and did not make me feel “stupid” for asking.

2) they have the most comprehensive support program of the six I interviewed, explaining the entire process step-by-step.

3) they use the fluoroscope when giving fills so I felt more confident that the correct amount was being given.

4) they numb the site before giving a fill and 5) I was also impressed with Wise Regional Health System.

I drive 40+ miles right past several other doctors offices because I am so impressed by the My Bariatric Solutions program.  Dr. Stowers,The My Bariatric Solutions staff and Wise Regional exceeded my expectations.  I have lost the weight slowly and feel wonderful and have kept it off easily for over a year.  I am off all meds.  I still want to lose a little more but I am so much happier than I was before.  As my daughter said this past Christmas, “I have my mom back”.  Thank you Dr. Stowers and the My Bariatric Solutions staff.