Life After Bariatric Surgery

What is life like after weight loss surgery?

What to Expect After Weight Loss Surgery

It’s imperative that patients understand what to expect in life after bariatric surgery and are committed to maintaining a healthy postoperative lifestyle. Patients must adopt a sensible diet and exercise plan and meet with the doctor regularly after surgery in order to enjoy optimal weight loss results. The team at My Bariatric Solutions has created a comprehensive handbook for weight loss surgery patients that includes a timetable for follow-up visits, including lap-band fills, and to help monitor their progress.

Patient Handbook

The My Bariatric Solutions handbook is a comprehensive guide for patients to consult both before and after their weight loss surgery. The handbook includes information on the following topics:

  • Preparing for your bariatric surgery
  • Your surgery day
  • What to expect after surgery
  • Dietary guidelines
  • Exercise guidelines
  • Long-term follow-up
  • Support groups

Follow-Up Visits: A Lifetime Commitment

When you commit to weight loss surgery at My Bariatric Solutions, you are also committing to follow-up care. Our team wants to work closely with you as you strive to reach and maintain your health goals. It is very important to attend your scheduled follow-up visits; this is crucial to the evaluation of your health and necessary to achieving your weight loss goals.

The required follow-up visit pattern after bariatric surgery is as follows:

  • One Week: initial post-operative evaluation and physician evaluation; psychological and nutritional follow up as needed
  • Three months: diet assessment, assessment of compliance with vitamins and exercise; blood work, psychological follow-up visits as needed
  • Six months: physician evaluation and blood work
  • Twelve months: physician evaluation and yearly blood work
  • Yearly for life: physician evaluation

Missing office visits could compromise the outcome of your weight loss surgery. Long-term follow-up care is mandatory for success.

Dr. Arsalla, Dr. Heath Smith, and the team at My Bariatric Solutions would be pleased to answer your specific questions about the diet, exercise, and follow-up care associated with bariatric surgery.

Call us at (888)-686-6971 or visit our contact page with additional questions about life after bariatric surgery.