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Date Operation: September 2020
Weight Loss: 160 pounds
Category: Gastric Sleeve

What motivated you to get weight loss surgery?
I had seen my family members have the surgery and how much it changed their lives. I decided to not wait any longer to change my life, because I needed to make that change. I’m glad I did it because I’m much happier and healthier! I’m a different person now.

How has surgery changed your life?
It has changed my confidence and mental health.

Did weight loss surgery help improve any physical or mental health issues?
I had high blood pressure and I couldn’t walk far without running out of breath. The surgery did help me learn how to eat healthier and maintain my weight loss. I didn’t like the way I looked before and I felt unhappy with myself. But the surgery was the tool I needed to help me start my life over again the way I wanted it to be. I no longer take any medications and I’m in great health and am so happy.

What was your “ah-ha” moment?
My “ah-ha” moment was when I was able to fit into smaller sized clothes. Now it’s cheaper to buy clothing at stores that I couldn’t shop at before. I get to travel more, too. I don’t have to buy two seats on an airplane too because I have plenty of room now! I also have more energy than I did before.

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