Keys To Success

Our successful weight loss tips will help you be successful as you begin a program of exercise to lose weight.

Set Goals

An important component of successful physical activity, intervention and behavior change is goal setting. Setting goals when you exercise to lose weight promotes increased activity, motivation, effort, and consistency. Setting both short-term goals and long-term goals is best. You will be able to work with Shane in choosing goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-oriented).

Get Started

The most difficult part when you exercise to lose weight is getting started. Getting off the couch and going outside for a walk or getting in your car and driving to the gym is the biggest part of achieving your goals. Exercise is by no means easy, but you will get in better shape over time. You cannot reap the benefits of exercise unless you take those first steps.

Be Consistent

Consistency when you exercise to lose weight is a big factor in achieving your goals. Exercising each day is better than occasionally doing intense workouts. Variety is a huge factor in keeping your exercise program moving towards your fitness goals. Variety will keep your interest up and challenge your body. Make exercise a regular part of your life. Don’t think about your exercise program as something you do if you have time. Exercise needs to be a part of your daily schedule. It is also important to have a support group to keep you accountable. It has been proven that patients who have a support group, such as a spouse, significant other, family, gym affiliation, or a workout partner are more likely to stick with their exercise program.

Track Your Progress

It is important to log each workout, so that you can track your improvements. It will also show if you need changes made to your exercise program. You should log the total workout duration, RPE or heart rate, sets, reps, ect… You can contact your exercise specialist if you feel that changes need to be made to your exercise program, if your exercise program is no longer difficult enough, or you are no longer making improvements.

If you would like more assistance or success tips as you begin your program of exercise to lose weight visit our exercise videos page or call our office at (888) 686-6971. Our effective and successful weight loss tips will help you be successful as you begin a program of exercise to lose weight.