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Want to know a simple way to stay active in your spare time — and burn extra calories without it feeling like a “chore?” It’s easy! Increase your leisure time activity!

Leisure time physical activity is generally considered any exercise, sport or recreational activity that is not job-related; is not a household task; and is not fulfilling a transportation need.

Currently, the average adult in the United States spends 90% of their leisure time sitting.  While that statistic sounds a bit scary, it’s very simple to stay active and not fall under the “average.”

Increasing leisure time activity not only helps you stay active — it can help you with your weight loss efforts, and can positively impact heart health and longevity.

People who take up leisure activities are usually happier and healthier than people who don’t for a variety of reasons. First, leisure activities help people to reduce their levels of stress. They can forget about their workload and family responsibilities and just enjoy the moment. Second, participating in certain leisure activities provide people an opportunity to meet others who share the same interests and sometimes even make friends. Also, leisure activities such as painting, sculpting, singing, etc. provide an artistic outlet, which is always a positive thing.

My personal favorite is Disc Golf! Similar to regular golf it incorporates local city park courses all over the DFW metroplex and across the country. One round can take 1-2 hours that consists of walking and hiking through city parks, (10k-20k steps per round!) It’s refreshing mentally to spend some time in nature and as they say “throw Frisbees in the woods” the best part is it’s free to play!   For more information about disc golf check out the link below.

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