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Date Operation: May 2014 jen-story-image
Weight Loss: 56 LBS
Category: Band over Sleeve 


Jen states her “ah-ha” moment as “being able to wear what I WANT, not just what FITS. I see clothes on TV or in ads online and I still have to remind myself that I don’t have to limit myself to WOMEN’S/PLUS SIZE clothing. I can wear whatever I want! I LOVE sports and I don’t have to buy a men’s XXL shirt with my favorite team logo!” She also states, “I don’t feel limited by my weight. I am more confident.

When my husband and I go out to dinner, I don’t worry about being the heaviest woman in the room. I don’t feel like people see me and criticize me – I can actually think that maybe they’re complimenting me. The best part is meeting new people who didn’t know me before surgery. They can’t believe I used to be heavy. They tell me that I look like I’ve always been naturally healthy and fit. Hearing that NEVER gets old!!!

Dr. Islam was wonderful. She provided personal care, beyond my expectations. When the time came that my husband needed hernia surgery, Dr. Islam was the only person we wanted to perform his surgery. She really cares. I had back surgery in January 2017 and I could call Dr. Islam to ensure my bariatric surgery was addressed by my spinal surgeon – more than a YEAR after my surgery.

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