Operation Date: February 2013
Weight Loss: 100 lbs.
Procedure: Gastric Sleeve

Hi my name is Jennifer and I am 40 years old.  I have battled with my weight for the past 20 years trying all types of popular diets and even medications for weight loss as well.  In doing so I found that I would lose the weight temporarily and then within months regain it back and even add a few more extra pounds.  It seemed like I was on a roller coaster ride.  I have a husband whom is a fire fighter and two very active children and I found myself falling behind in day to day activities and not being able to keep up with them while playing and participating in family activities.  It was very hard for me to try to keep up only to struggle and be embarrassed because I had to takes breaks, give up or just sit out altogether due to physically not being able to do it.  I didn’t like the direction that I was heading in or how this made me feel.


As a youth I was always very active and on the go playing different sports and traveling.  Since getting a little older and having my children I found it to be more and more of a challenge to lose weight and keep it off.  After being diagnosed with pre-diabetes and losing my father to several related health issues I decided that it was time to make a change.  I sat down with Dr. Stowers in January of 2013 and together we ,/span>made the decision that the gastric sleeve would be the best procedure for me and would be a good fit for my life style.  I am now one year post op and all I can say is WOW!  I have my life back!  I have met my goal weight going from 242 pounds to 148 pounds and I no longer need medication for diabetes.  I am extremely active with my children running, playing different sports, jumping with them on the trampoline and just being the mom that I was meant to be all along.  My husband has been so supportive and amazed by my transformation and is happy having his vibrant energetic wife back.  My family, friends and co-workers have been so supportive in my endeavor.
Dr. Stowers and The wonderful team at My Bariatric Solutions have been phenomenal.  They are such an incredible team and worked very hard with me through my process to get me to be where I am today.  I am forever grateful.  For those that are considering bariatric surgery, I would do it again tomorrow and never look back.  Here’s to the future of being happy and healthy.