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Are you feeling fatigued? Have frequent headaches? Are you still struggling with weight fluctuation? Feeling bloated?  These are just a few of the symptoms of dehydration.

Our bodies are made up of 60-70% water that must be replenished every day with oral hydration. Fluid balance contributes to our weight because of the effects on our metabolic processes like digestion, energy/activity level and affects our metabolism rate! In a study, their hypothesis findings were “increased hydration leads to an increase in cell volume and from that to increased insulin sensitivity”1 which can increase metabolism. Further, our mitochondria (the powerhouse of our cells) are affected in a positive way when we are completely hydrated, giving us the energy to be more active. As our cells become dehydrated, triglycerides are formed, and the free fatty acids cannot be converted to assist in energy production. So, hydration affects us right down the cellular level.

Here are some hydrating fluid examples:

Gatorade zero
Pedialyte (unflavored with sugar free sweetener)
Liquid IV (1 packet a day mixed with 32oz water)
Crystal light

  • For ALL bariatric patients without fluid restriction: 64-80ounces (depending on activity level) DAILY

These are NOT hydrating:

Fluids with protein (i.e., protein waters like Gatorade zero with protein added)
Caffeinated drinks (more than 300mg caffeine a day)
Sugary drinks
Energy drinks

If you are having trouble getting in fluids, vomiting, or already feeling dry:

  • Consume 1 oz of liquid every 15 minutes (4oz an hour in 16 hour day = 64oz)
  • Then gradually increase to 2oz every 15mins (8oz an hour in 8 hour day = 64oz)
  • Carry bottle of hydrating fluids all day.
  • Drink water before you drink your coffee (on the drive into work)
  • Have it ice cold, sometimes temperature has a lot to do with tolerance
  • Set alarm through Baritastic App to remind when to drink

 Please CALL the office if you have questions or still struggling.  Hydration is VITAL to your healing, health, and well-being so we want to make sure you can reach your goals or evaluate if you need an appointment to see a provider.

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1Osmosensing and signaling in the regulation of mammalian cell function.
Schliess F, Reinehr R, Häussinger D
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