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It is that time of the year when people make New Year’s resolutions and you see a lot of health clubs advertising low membership prices. Do not get fooled by all the advertisements for the lowest price of the year. Educate yourself about what you want and need in a health club before you sign up.
Location: You should find a club close to either your home or work. Do not set yourself up with and excuse by joining a club that is not conveniently located.
Test out the club: You should ask to try out the club before you sign up for a membership. This will give you a better idea of the clubs environment. Uses the club during the time of day you plan on working out. This will give you an idea how well the club is equipped to handle the crowds.
Service or Sales: Get an idea if the club is more about service or sales. There should be staff that is trained on how to show people the equipment and not just how to sell a membership. Notice the difference between the services they can sell you compared to the services they offer.
Cleanness: The health club should be set up with cleaning materials and you should see the staff cleaning equipment. Be sure to check out the locker room and shower areas.
Equipment: You should notice if the equipment is clean. Notice if there is a lot of out of order signs on the equipment. If you see out of order sign ask how long it takes for equipment to be serviced. Think about the equipment you need for your workout and notice where in the club the equipment is located.
History: Find out about how long club has been in current location, how many different owners, how often equipment updated. Check if health club has any negative claims from better business bureau, and how many negative reviews from old members.
Safety Equipment: Make sure the health club has proper safety equipment. Club should have first aid kits, equipped with AED and staff that is CPR trained.
Staff: Is the staffed educated and certified to help you used and understand the fitness equipment. An educated and certified staff will be able to help you adapt a workout to your personal needs and goals.
Members: Take notice of the members of the gym. Is there a majority of teenager, athletes or people with similar goals as you? You don’t want to feel uncomfortable when you are trying to work out.
Amenities/Hours: Ask about the clubs policies on holidays and how often they change hours. Find out if club offer child watch and additional fees for exercise classes.
Think about what is important to you and find the health club that meets your requirements and not just one that has best commercials. Joining a health club that is convenient and comfortable for you will help you reach your health and fitness goals.
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