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 By Rebecca Luttrell RDN LD
The holidays are surrounded by family, friends, fun and FOOD!  Many of our celebratory events involve food and not just any food, but usually indulgent, unhealthy choices and portions.  Some of us choose not to participate in getting together with friends and family or avoid outings because of the restrictions we have or simply do not want to be tempted. 
  • Parties
    • Eat before you go
    • Bring your own healthy snacks and protein drinks
  • Cooking/baking during holidays
    • Bake and cook your heart out!  (And give it away)
    • Friends and family always love receiving homemade gifts!
  • Location of celebration
    • Go to someone else’s house or restaurant
    • No leftovers or take home boxes 
    • Bring a friend who also shares your restrictions
    • Avoid the traditional holiday foods that are low in protein and replace with high protein, low carb recipes.  Make new traditional dishes!
Replacing liquid calories with unique infused water with spice! Some examples are: sugar-free apple cider instant drink mix or sugar-free hot chocolate
Bottom line is holidays do not have to center around food items.  Make the holidays about family and friends.  Create new, healthy memories for your loved ones.
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