Dr. Heath Smith, MD

Meet Dr. Heath Smith, MD, FACS

Dr. Smith is a board certified surgeon that shares his compassion with his patients.  During his residency at Carillon Clinic in Virginia, he was awarded Resident of the Year for his outstanding work, bedside manner, and compassionate care.  Dr. Smith has a wide range of experience in the following surgical procedures: bariatric, colonoscopy, colorectal, hernia, breast, appendix, gall bladder, surgical oncology and thyroid.

Don, Lost 131 lbs, Gastric Sleeve

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“I have changed my eating habits and when I get the urge to binge, my new stomach prevents it, therefore keeping me healthy! I love the new me, and I have no regrets, except that I should have done it sooner!” Don, Lost 131 lbs, Gastric Sleeve

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