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Hear Samantha’s Weight Loss Story

I started struggling with PCOS symptoms at the age of 24, gaining 90lbs by the time I turned 28. I went through over 3.5 years of fertility treatments with no success before deciding to turn to gastric sleeve June 2019. I hadn’t had a cycle on my own in more than 3 years – I always required Provera to induce my periods. I had a cycle on my own within a week post op and was regular from then on! Most all of my PCOS symptoms are now obsolete, along with my back and foot pains! I lost a total of 92lbs, and went from a size 20 to a size 8 by January 2020 before conceiving naturally!

Date Operation: June 2019
Weight Loss: 92 LBS
Category: Gastric Sleeve

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