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So you just had your consultation with us and came away with handouts, samples and a whole bunch of new information about the surgery.  If you have diet visits to meet insurance requirements, we counsel you on how to change your diet now to prepare you for changes after surgery.  including how to prep for it. How do you revamp your diet without feeling like you are losing all the foods you once loved?

Whether you are going through diet visits to prepare for your surgery or you have had surgery at least 3 months or years back, there may be high calorie, low nutrient foods you are craving.  What can replace them?

***Some starches should be reserved for after 3 months post op and watch portion sizes!!***

Add non starchy vegetables before you add in complex carbohydrates – ask office for a list of these if needed.

If you are craving these, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you drinking enough water every day? At least 64oz spread across the day?
  • Are you meeting your protein goal daily? Check in your handbook if you have forgotten your protein goal. Also, if you are lifting weights more than 1-2x a week, you may need to increase your goal.
  • Have you been skipping meals? Eating every three hours is an important part of maintaining and losing weight.
  • Is there stress that needs to be managed by talking with friends, taking a walk, journaling?


Please contact the office if you have any questions about these or other foods you have been craving and want to learn new healthy replacements!  Keep focused on protein and water to stay on your lifelong journey!!

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