Bariatric Patient Testimonials

The patients included in these weight loss before and after photos have given permission to Dr. Scott Stowers and My Bariatric Solutions solely to be used on this web site. Any illegal copying of these photos will result in legal action. These patients that provide their testimonials are located in Decatur, Dallas, Fort Worth, TX, and throughout the United States.


Shannon, Lost 98 lbs, Gastric Sleeve
“I’m so happy now and thrilled with my success. I want the whole world to know how My Bariatric Solutions helped me change my life.” -Michelle, Lost 170 lbs, Gastric Sleeve
“With my weight loss I feel great! My Bariatric Solutions has an awesome staff and the support is fantastic. The people there really make a difference. They check on you, are always helpful, and answer questions.” -Yancey, Lost 135 lbs, Gastric Sleeve
“I thank the good lord and my lucky stars above for the opportunity afforded to me by Dr. Stowers and my parents. Dr. Stowers and his staff do truly care about their patients.” -Shannon, Lost 98 lbs, Gastric Sleeve

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Disclaimer: All weight loss claims are due to surgical and non-surgical procedures. Results may vary based on the individual.