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Date Operation: July 2021
Weight Loss: 106 pounds
Category: Gastric Sleeve
What motivated you to get weight loss surgery?
I was so depressed about not being able to run and play with my grandkids or go do outdoor stuff with my kids. I was having issues with prediabetes, blood pressure and using a CPAP machine. This really caused me to take a good look at myself and want this change.
How has surgery changed your life?
I no longer take blood pressure medications, do not need the CPAP machine and my blood sugar is normal. I also have so much energy! I have joined a gym working with a trainer and planning to run a 5K before New Years!
How was your experience with My Bariatric Solutions?
I have nothing but good things to say about My Bariatric Solutions. It has been such a great experience!
What was your “ah-ha” moment?
Lol, sit down and tie my shoes!
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