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Date Operation: June 2015
Weight Loss: 94 LBS
Category: Gastric Sleeve

Darienne has lost 94 pounds since having her gastric sleeve in June 2015 and she is enjoying life! “I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) at age 14. PCOS causes issues with insulin resistance, weight gain, and water retention, mostly all due to major hormonal imbalances. It can even leave you infertile, unable to have kids in the very far future of course.

Darienne’s Story

Being a teenager, everyone just assumes you overeat and have no discipline and that your family is irresponsible. None of this was true. I was an athlete and all of the running, jumping and pouncing that sports entail was doing major damage to my hips, knees, and feet. By my junior year, I weighed close to 250lbs, even after working out up to 4 hours daily! I was devastated, even a little depressed, and ready to give up.

My parents began discussing weight loss surgery with my internal medicine doctor who agreed this was a great idea! So the journey began and we chose My Bariatric Solutions to help me along this amazing journey and my life has been forever changed.

I had surgery in the summer of 2015, right after graduation. Weight loss surgery is not the easy way as many believe. However, it is a phenomenal tool that if you use it constantly, don’t abuse it, act sensibly in your eating and dedicate to some type of activity, it will work for life! The gastric sleeve gave me my life back and allows me to fully enjoy the college experience. My PCOS is mostly resolved and I can now look forward to someday having a family because of this amazing tool!”

When asked about her “Ah-Ha” Moment she said, “The moment I made the decision to go up a flight of stairs without having to stop and catch my breath”

“I am so much happier! I feel better in every way! I have so much more energy and enjoy hanging out with friends”

When asked about My Bariatric Solutions and her Doctor, she replied, “Dr. Stowers and his team are phenomenal! They have this entire process so well planned and running smoothly – with their patients in mind! I couldn’t be happier!”

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