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Hello, My Bariatric Solutions community! My name is Christin Romo. I am the Account Manager for the Weight Management Division at Advantage Point Behavioral. We have handled your Psychological Evaluation, or are assisting you in your journey with Weight Loss Counseling.

I am also a weight loss transformation patient. I can share firsthand how vital behavioral health support is to weight loss success. Weight loss truly starts with a healthy mindset. If you consider eating habits and thoughts around food as a relationship, behavioral therapy makes perfect sense. Our relationship with food starts early in life. We could have formed poor habits based on our upbringing, or certain traumas cause us to form unhealthy patterns. Genetic factors and disease also morph our relationship with food. Whatever the case, we can rewire our thought pattern around food to achieve our goals.

For me, the message of hope is one of the biggest take aways mental health support offers. It is never too late. Anything is possible. You are worthy. These mantras keep me going on the day-to-day, and having a healthy mindset allows me to think these are possible. The powerful truth is: Your thoughts create your reality. To be healthy, you need to think healthy. Cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques specialized around weight loss can help re-pattern these though processes. You can learn the techniques to turn dark and heavy thought processes in to light. Trained clinicians who specialize in this kind of treatment are valuable assets to your success.

The New Year is a great time to evaluate your plan looking forward into 2023. What tools are in place, and who are the people on your team to help you live the life you want to live? If you haven’t thought about behavioral health support in your process, use the momentum of the New Year to inspire a new way!

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