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Hello, My Bariatric Solutions Community! Here we are a month into the New Year, and this is where the momentum for the year starts to form its definition. How has the first month been for you? How are those goals and resolutions looking? It’s a good time to check in.

When we think of February, we often think of Valentines Day. This is a holiday centered on celebrating the love we share with the special people in our lives. We should also celebrate the love we have for ourselves. Take some inventory here. How do you feel about yourself? A good indicator is to become more mindful of the internal dialog that happens in the busy times of the day. Pay attention to the conversations you are having with yourself. Are you speaking words of encouragement, or criticism? This dialog is so important when shaping the lifestyle you want around healthy habits and wellbeing.

Take an assessment of your habits. Do they include actions that are self-loving and caring? Work in the small habits. Things like a morning coffee ritual, or a comforting bed time routine signals to your mind and body you are taking time to care for yourself. Make these small things a priority. Make sure you are nurturing your healthy relationships and connecting with those who fill your cup. Spend time with the people and on activities that bring you joy. These are ways to inspire the emotion of love.

Positive thoughts backed by actions is how lifestyle change happens. Sometimes, changing thought processes is a hurdle. The right support can make all the difference. Tools like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) are powerful processes that can be life-changing. With a licensed clinician, you can form a plan to create a life with less struggle, and more freedom. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, you are encouraged to love yourself in a way that inspires positive thoughts and actions. Enjoy the sweetness of this holiday all month.

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