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Leg Adduction Machine

Leg Adduction Machine (Muscles used: Leg Adductor Muscles AKA inside of the thigh) Start with legs apart (picture A)Slowly push legs together (picture B). Then release back to starting position (picture A)

January 2019 – Ab Machine

Ab Machine (Muscles used: Abdominal Muscles) Start with arms wresting on pads and hands firmly gripping handles (picture A) Curl down using only abs (picture B) then return to start position (picture A)

Leg Abduction Machine

Leg Abduction Machine (Muscles used : Leg Abductor Muscles AKA outside of the hips and thigh) Start with legs closer together (picture A) Push legs out (picture B) then return to start position (picture A)

Side and Front Raises

Focus: Shoulder Muscles Stand on Elastic holding handles in both hands Keeping arms straight from your side lift arms straight up till they are straight out (looking like a T) Slowly going back to starting position Stand on elastic holding handles in both hands...


  Standing on the elastic with handles in both hands Feet shoulder width apart Slowly bend knees anything from 45-90 degrees based on any limitation Slowly return to standing position Muscles: Quads and Glutes  

Calf Raises

Calf Raises Standing on the elastic right under your toes holding on the handles with both hands Raise up on your toes then back down. Slow and controlled
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