Glute Extension Machine

Glute Extension Machine (Muscles used: Glutes, Quads, and Hamstring)Start with leg close to you and ball of the foot on the foot pad (picture A)Push leg to full extension till you feel it in the glute (picture B) then return to start (picture A)Switch legs and...

Chest Press Machine

Chest Press Machine (Muscles used: Chest, Tricep, and Shoulder)Start with arms close to the chest (picture A)Push straight out from chest until full extension (picture B) the return to start (picture A)

Chest Fly Machine

(Muscles used: Chest, Shoulders and Bicep) Start with arms straight out from your side (picture A) With arms still straight pull arms together (picture B) then release back (picture A)

Bicep Curl Machine

Bicep Curl Machine (Muscles used: Bicep and front of the Shoulder) Start with arms fully extended and the back of arms on the pad (picture A)Curl arms all the way up (picture B) Then release to full extension (picture A)

Leg Adduction Machine

Leg Adduction Machine (Muscles used: Leg Adductor Muscles AKA inside of the thigh) Start with legs apart (picture A)Slowly push legs together (picture B). Then release back to starting position (picture A)

January 2019 – Ab Machine

Ab Machine (Muscles used: Abdominal Muscles) Start with arms wresting on pads and hands firmly gripping handles (picture A) Curl down using only abs (picture B) then return to start position (picture A)