• How much do I have to weigh to have this surgery?

A Body Mass Index (BMI) of 32 or higher could qualify you, unless you plan on using your insurance. Insurances typically require a or a BMI of 40 or higher OR a BMI of 35 – 39.9 with at least 1 weight related illness such as hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea or type II diabetes.

• How will I know which surgery is best for me?

Our surgeons will discuss this with you at the time of your consultation. They will take many factors into consideration, including but not limited to your overall health history.

*Sleeve Gastrectomy is the most commonly performed surgery in the country

• Will you fight my insurance if they already told me they won’t cover bariatric surgery?

No matter what anyone tells you, unfortunately this is not an option, or we would be glad to do so! A bariatrics exclusion can not be overturned, unless done so by your Human Resources Department through your employer.

• Will I have loose skin after surgery?

This is dependent upon several factors such as how much weight you have to lose, age, genetics, nutrition and your ability and consistency in working out. Count the cost! Keeping in mind that loose skin does not cause medical conditions and being morbidly obese does.

• Why do you all have clinics in Waco and Fort Worth but all of your surgeries are performed in Decatur, TX at Wise Health System?

We added satellite clinic locations for your convenience. Consultations and follow up appointments can be done locally, while you only make the short trip to our East Campus at Wise Health System in Decatur, TX once for pre op and surgery. Our East Campus at Wise Health System has been recognized by many of the nation’s leading accreditation organizations.

We also have made accommodations for better patient experience here in Decatur as well. Everything from pre op, to testing, to hotel accommodations have been well thought out and arranged for your convenience.

Last but certainly not least, several of our Operating Room (OR) staff have worked together for over 13 years, therefore our surgeons trust that you are in good hands.

• How many nights will I have to stay after surgery?

Most patients are considered same day discharge candidates. However, some insurances and/or medical reasoning will warrant a 1-night stay. If traveling from afar, accommodations are made at a local hotel just adjacent from our campus.

• How long will I have to be off work after surgery?

Besides a 25lb lifting restriction for the first 30 days, there are no other work restrictions.

• Can you give me a month or two off after surgery if I have plenty of time and my FMLA will approve it?

Without medical reasoning, this isn’t possible. We only allow what is medically necessary, which we have found is approximately 7-10 days.

• Will my hair fallout?

Some will. Hair loss typically occurs after the trauma of any surgery. In addition, with weight loss surgery comes very low-calorie and low-protein intake initially due to restriction. Therefore, hair loss is most common during the first year. Most often, those who experience hair loss are also positive for vitamin deficiencies in the areas of biotin, zinc, and essential fatty acids.

Taking a bariatric specific multi-vitamin and getting the recommended amount of protein in daily will almost guarantee little to no hair loss, and/or full regrowth of hair lost.

• What’s the process look like?

Simply call one of our Patient Advocates to get scheduled for an initial consultation with one of our surgeons. The surgeon will then inform you of any pretesting he/she may require depending on your health history. For self-pay patients, once all pretesting and/or clearances (if any at all is required) are received, our surgery scheduler will give you a call to schedule surgery.

If using insurance, our financial specialists will go over any insurance requirements that you must fulfill. Once all pretesting requirements have been fulfilled, we will submit your case to insurance for final approval and email you to inform you of such. Once approval received, and all clearances are checked off, our surgery scheduler will give you a call to schedule surgery.

We will preschedule your follow-up visits for the first year at 1-week, 3, 6 and 12-months post op. Thereafter, we would like to see you once yearly, for life.