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Date Operation: March 2016
Weight Loss: 102 LBS
Category: Gastric Sleeve

Bryan has lost 102 pounds since having his gastric sleeve in March 2016 and his health issues are no longer an issue!

“My ‘ah-ha’ moment was when I was able to fit in regular sized clothes.  Now it is not a problem finding my size.  Also no longer a strain to put on my shoes.

I get to live my life like a normal person.  Now people look at me differently whenever I go somewhere, especially, people I have known my entire life.  They tell me I look like a different person, and that I look 20 years younger.  Also, the medications I am no longer having to take.

Dr. Stowers and his The staff were all very professional.  They were great about answering any questions I had and were very supportive.  I had a great experience with My Bariatric Solutions.”

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