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Date Operation: April 2022
Weight Loss: 180 pounds
Category: Gastric Sleeve

What motivated you to get weight loss surgery?
My wife had gotten pregnant with my daughter and I knew I had to make a change. I’d lose and gain weight my whole life and was ready to use this tool to get me to a healthy weight so I could be around for my wife and daughter.

How has surgery changed your life?
The gastric sleeve surgery has turned my life completely around. I’ve never had this amount of joy and energy. Just being able to take care of my family and play with my daughter on the playground makes it worth it.

Did weight loss surgery help improve any physical or mental health issues?
Physically and mentally I feel a lot better about myself. I was on insulin and pills for my diabetes, I’ve been off of all that only 1 month after surgery. I’m always getting compliments at the gym on how great I look. And how awesome my transformation has been. That really feels good because I’ve come so far. I remember being 462 lbs and would get tired just walking. Now I’m running a mile with no problem.

What was your “ah-ha” moment?
My ah ha moment I think was just being able to run a mile and doing sit-ups with no help. Literally just sit up and not having to push myself off the ground.

How was your experience with My Bariatric Solutions?
My experience has been great. Everyone always answered any questions I had. They were always nice and very responsive. I’m so grateful for what they do. I feel like I can accomplish anything.

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