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Preparing For Your Hospital Stay

Prepping for your bariatric surgery hospital stay

The number one question is why do I need to be there so early for my weight loss surgery
procedure? There are several reasons and the more prepared you are, the calmer you and your
family will be. Learning more about prepping for weight loss surgery can help!

1. You will need to change into surgical gown – We know it is not quite a fashion statement but
2. Place personal items in a bag and to be kept under your bed – A family member is allowed in
the room)
3. If you have forgotten to leave your valuables at home such as jewelry, etc. they may be
placed in a hospital safe in the room (family member will be allowed in this room)
4. Instructions from your surgical team will be given to you prior to your surgery
5. You will go over all of your paperwork to ensure that everything is filled out completely
6. The pre-op and surgical staff will have to confirm the type of surgery you will be having
7. You will need to provide urine sample (female only)
8. An IV will be initiated along with IV fluid and antibiotics by hospital staff
9. An interview will take place with anaesthesiologist and verbal consents obtained in order to
proceed with surgery
10. You’ll need to meet with the surgeon, surgical staff, and anaesthesiologist
11. Lab results that may be abnormal will need to be redrawn and at the appropriate level prior to
the surgery beginning
12. Ask your surgeon and/or surgical team any questions that you or your family may have
forgotten to ask

Bariatric surgery in the Dallas, Fort Worth area is often less stressful when you’re prepared.
However, remember, that unforeseen situations can occur that could potentially prolong your
scheduled bariatric surgery time. These could include a complication during a previous surgical case
or an emergency from the emergency department (ER) that could dictate the need for the surgical
suite where your surgery was to take place.

With your patience and understanding, Dr. Stowers and his bariatric staff will do their best to make
your stay with us as pleasant as possible. It is usually a good idea to prepare your family as well so
that they are not upset or anxious.

When family members see you (the patient) calm, they will feel much more at ease. Bringing a book,
word game, etc. to your surgical appointment is a great way to pass the time.
Our number one goal is to make sure that you and your family are as comfortable as possible with
your lap band, gastric sleeve or gastric bypass procedure.

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