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Helpful Holiday Hints

 By Rebecca Luttrell RDN LD   The holidays are surrounded by family, friends, fun and FOOD!  Many of our celebratory events involve food and not just any food, but usually indulgent, unhealthy choices and portions.  Some of us choose not to participate in getting together with friends and family or avoid outings because of the [...]

Weight Maintenance

Cecilia V Sanchez, Ft. Worth Dietitian Did you know that your first couple of years after bariatric surgery, your weight loss occurs almost naturally? Research shows around year three post-surgery, those who do not attend regular follow-up appointments are more likely to experience weight regain. Has this happened to you? Do you want to prevent [...]

Overcoming Emotional Eating

Author: Jordanne Hellman MS RDN CSOWM LD Nearly everyone uses food as a coping mechanism for different emotions. Some people eat when they are stressed or overwhelmed, while others eat out of boredom or habit. A lot of people use food as a reward when they feel like celebrating a success. All of these situations [...]

Importance of Muscle Maintenance Post Surgery

Muscle is the major component to how our bodies move and function in a healthy manner. In order to continue this healthy function, we need to maintain as much muscle as possible through our lives. This is most true for patients who have undergone a bariatric surgery. During rapid weight loss, you may lose muscle [...]

August 2017: What is the Role of Nurse Practitioners after Surgery?

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a type of advance practice registered nurse with a specialized master’s or doctoral degree that allows them to practice like a doctor with certain limitations. A physician’s formal education and training is longer and focuses on disease and medicine. A nurse practitioner’s formal education is shorter and focuses on the [...]

July 2017: Eating Out After Weight Loss Surgery

Author: Jordanne Hellman Dining out is often the focal point of many social events with both family and friends. This habit probably won’t change after you have weight loss surgery, but your portion sizes definitely will. Whether you are going to a big chain restaurant or stopping at a convenient store for a snack, eating [...]

June 2017: Should I Have Plastic Surgery?

Author: Sharon McLemore Bariatric surgery patients often ask if they will have excess skin after weight loss and if so, is plastic surgery is an option for the removal of that skin?   The presence of excess skin after rapid weight loss is dependent on several factors including age, the elasticity and condition of the skin, [...]

May 2017: My Mobile Unit

The My Bariatric Solutions mobile unit was put into service September 2011 primarily to provide follow-up care for Lap Band patients. As the number of patients undergoing gastric sleeve and gastric bypass grew so did the services provided by the mobile unit. With the addition of a Nurse Practitioner the mobile unit evolved into what [...]

April 2017: Recipe Substitutions: Making Existing Recipes Bariatric-Friendly

Author:  Cecilia Sanchez MS RDN LD Do you have trouble being creative with meal options due to your new bariatric lifestyle? You are not the only one! Many people who have had weight loss surgeries (WLS) have difficulty creating and finding recipes to make that fit their new diet, but it does not have to [...]

March 2017: Overcoming Exercise Obstacles

Remember… Good things come to those who work hard! Lack of Motivation: Problem: Not enough motivation to want to work out or be consistent with the workout. Solutions: Set easy to reach goals so as to see yourself succeed Set monthly or weekly challenges as to bring out the inner competitor Work out with someone [...]

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