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Michelle’s Story

Operation Date: January 2009 Weight Loss: 133 lbs. Procedure: Lap Band Before Lap-Band surgery, I was so depressed because I had tried almost everything to get the weight off and more importantly to keep it off for the last 20 years.  I heard about bariatric surgery three years before I actually decided to try it.  […]

Randy’s Story

Date Operation: October 2007Weight Loss: Coming SoonProcedure: Gastric Bypass Oct. 22, 2007, I had Gastric Bypass surgery for my birthday, which is now known as my “re-birthday”.  Leading up to this life changing event were a multitude of health related issues.  I had Type II diabetes; my cholesterol was over 800, sleep apnea and high […]

Forrest’s Story

Operation Date: August 2007 Weight Loss: 110 lbs. Procedure: Lap Band I have always been overweight but once I turned 30, I began to hurt and just not feel well and decided to do something about it.  I have more energy and I can spend more time with my kids.  I now have the energy […]

Marian’s Story

Operation Date: March 2007 Weight Loss: 117 lbs. Procedure: Gastric Bypass Prior to surgery, I was 408 lbs.  I was a registered nurse working in labor and delivery.  It was getting to the point where I could see an end to my career, it was everything I could to get through a twelve hour shift.  […]

Lisa’s Story

Operation Date: February 2007Weight Loss: 75 lbs.Procedure: Lap Band I am now able to go outside and am able to shop.  I no longer have acid reflux, sleep apnea or diabetes.  I tried everything including weight watchers and diet pills, nothing worked and every time I felt more and more like a failure.  The Lap-Band […]