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Jen’s Story

Date Operation: May 2014Weight Loss: 56 LBSCategory: Band over Sleeve Jen states her “ah-ha” moment as “being able to wear what I WANT, not just what FITS. I see clothes on TV or in ads online and I still have to remind myself that I don’t have to limit myself to WOMEN’S/PLUS SIZE clothing. I […]

Sara’s Story

Date Operation: February 2016Weight Loss: 100 LBSCategory: Gastric Sleeve Sara states her “ah-ha” moment was “fitting in a restaurant booth without that paralyzing fear of getting stuck, RUNNING, and playing basketball with my children. I feel like having surgery gave me my life back! I’m so much healthier now. BONUS – no more back and […]

Leslie’s Story

Date Operation: January 2015Weight Loss: 130 LBSCategory: Gastric Sleeve Leslie has lost 130 lbs. since having her gastric sleeve in January 2015 and her health problems are now resolved!!! “My ‘ah-ha’ moment was the first day I was able to go into any store I wanted and NOT have to shop in the “big girl” […]

Lana’s Story

“My ‘ah ha’ moment was 3 months post-op from surgery. I had began ovulating for the first time in my 28 years of life. This was something I prayed the surgery would resolve and it did! I went from having polycystic ovarian syndrome and pre-mature ovarian fail­ure to ovaries that functioned properly! I had also […]

Rhonda’s Story

Date Operation: March 2014Weight Loss: 56 LBSCategory: Band over Sleeve I am a 62 year old wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.  My heritage comes from a long line of large and overweight family members on my mother and grandfather’s side of the family.  I have dieted along with my mother from the age of 13. […]

Shannon’s Story

Date Operation: June 2013 Weight Loss: 98 LBS. Category: Gastric Sleeve From the time I was a child in grade school, I was always considered the “big girl” or “big boned” girl.  I was always raised to eat everything on my plate and not waste food. I did not eat bad food all the time, […]