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Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss – An Affordable, Non-surgical Solution

Better health through weight reduction can be achieved and maintained with non-surgical methods, using intramuscular lipotropic (fat-burning) injections to optimize the way your body burns fat and utilizes nutrients.

Medical Weight Loss is an ideal solution if you are:

  • Wanting to lose weight without surgery
  • Are not a surgical candidate
  • Have reached a plateau in your weight loss journey
  • Want to get started while planning for your surgery
  • Seeking to avoid a surgical revision due to weight gain

Conveniently offered at our locations in Decatur, Fort Worth, and Waco, and through our traveling team in Abilene, Medical Weight Loss is safe for anyone who needs to lose weight, regardless of your pre-existing health conditions.

Your Medical Weight Loss team of care providers and specialists will work with you to customize your lifestyle with a boost from modern chemistry that improves your health and reduces your weight.

How much does it cost?

Your Medical Weight Loss consultation & maintenance visits are affordable and simple to plan. Monthly, comprehensive consultations are $75 with your care provider, and routine injections start at $20. Insurance coverage may reduce your out-of-pocket cost even further (based on eligibility and applicable co-pay amounts).

At your monthly consultations, a nurse practitioner who specializes in weight loss will evaluate your progress, and you and your care provider will determine any modifications to your treatment schedule that is appropriate for your needs and goals.

Your first visit will be comprehensive and will last approximately 2 hours unless you are being seen at the Waco or Abilene locations. If being seen at Waco or Abilene you will complete your consult with the exercise and dietary specialists remotely.

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