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LAP-BAND® System Surgery

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LAP-BAND® System Surgery

LAP-BAND® System surgery (also often called Lap Band surgery, laparoscopic band surgery or adjustable gastric banding), is a restrictive surgery that is completely reversible and does not require manipulation of the intestinal system. Many patients have achieved considerable weight loss with adjustable gastric banding; visit our bariatric surgery before and after results gallery to view pictures of some of the incredible weight loss results.

Patients in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex can visit our offices conveniently located in Decatur, Texas, Fort Worth, Texas, also serving the rest of North Texas, including Wichita Falls, Waco, Abilene, Mineral Wells and parts of Southern Oklahoma. Our program also offers no fees for LAP-BAND® take over care patients. Please contact us to get more information on how this process works.

If you are looking for an effective, minimally-invasive surgical solution for obesity, LAP-BAND® surgery may be the answer you’ve been looking for. My Bariatric Solutions is a LAP-BAND TOTAL CARE® Certified Program. The LAP-BAND TOTAL CARE® Program is a comprehensive set of clinical and operational best practices designed to optimize patient outcomes while improving consistency and efficiency.

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