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The My Bariatric Solutions mobile unit was put into service September 2011 primarily to provide follow-up care for Lap Band patients. As the number of patients undergoing gastric sleeve and gastric bypass grew so did the services provided by the mobile unit. With the addition of a Nurse Practitioner the mobile unit evolved into what it is today.
Currently the mobile unit is an invaluable tool utilized to provide pre-op and post-op care for the full range of bariatric patients. Patients can be seen for routine scheduled visits and unscheduled visits that require further diagnostics such as swallow studies or x-rays. The mobile unit is today servicing Abilene, Waco and Decatur areas. The variety of service areas allow our patients to have convenient access to follow-up care. The mobile unit is scheduled in Abilene and Waco regularly each week and in Decatur throughout the month.
The mobile unit and its staff are aimed at providing safe accessible patient centered care across their weight-loss journey.

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