Dr. Arsalla Islam, MD, FACS

Meet Dr. Arsalla Islam, MD, FACS, FASMBS

Dr. Arsalla Islam is a board certified surgeon and brings more than nine years of surgical experience with her from two nationally recognized academic programs: Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and UT Southwestern Medical Center where she served as the Bariatric Medical Director. Throughout her career, she has authored 8 book chapters and 23 peer review articles.

Rhonda, Lost 56 lbs, Gastric Sleeve

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“I had an “Aha Moment” when I realized that I can go shopping and purchase clothes in the petite department. I so enjoy buying cute and trendy clothes once again. I also enjoy exercising and dance, which is my true love! My energy level is fantastic! I feel that I have been given a “second chance” to enjoy the “golden years” that lie ahead. I am one happy wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother! Thank you to the wonderful staff of My Bariatric Solutions for my renewed life!” Rhonda, Lost 56 lbs, Gastric Sleeve

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