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amys-story-imageDate Operation: June 2013
Weight Loss: 95 LBS
Procedure: Gastric Sleeve

I started out weighing 240 lbs and I now weigh 145 lbs…almost one year after surgery. About 7 yrs ago I was a personal trainer so I knew everything I NEEDED to be doing to lose weight, I just couldn’t make myself do it! In 2007, my 22 yr old brother was killed in Iraq serving in the Marines….about a yr after that my 17 yr old brother was killed in a car accident. Eating became my comfort…my drug. It could have been drugs or alcohol but for me it was an addiction to food. That is seriously they way I needed it. In my opinion it is a TRUE addiction, just as if you were addicted to drugs or an alcoholic, and I needed help! I didn’t even recognize the person who looked back at me in the mirror. How could I let this happen? I was depressed. I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything that involved other people seeing me! Of course I tried diets and diet pills….you name it, I tried it. Sure I could loose 20 lbs but just to gain 30 lbs back. It was a vicious cycle. I was a human yo-yo! My hair was falling out, my blood pressure was out of control, something had to change

I visited with several other doctors about several options as far as weight loss surgery. I just didn’t feel right about any of the other surgeons I had met. Then I met Dr. Stowers….I immediately felt comfortable with him. I knew he was MY surgeon. We discussed my options and decided on the gastric sleeve. I never even had a  doubt or a second thought after meeting him. The rest is history! I can not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Stowers and his the entire staff! They are amazing! I visit the Decatur location so I know them best. The lady at the front desk is the nicest lady you could ever meet, she makes a great first impression for all visitors. The RN Misty is wonderful, always has a quick response to anything or any question I have had. I have met with the nutritionist one time and we thoroughly went through my meal plan to make sure I was still on track. Shane the exercise specialist is wonderful too. He has had me on an exercise plan for a few months now and he checks on me regularly so he knows how to change my program up for me to go forward. Every time I post progress pictures on my Facebook page I always get tons of private messages about my surgery. I LOVE being able to tell others about Dr. Stowers and the progress I have made. It feels amazing being able to help others on there weight loss journey. Two of my girlfriends have already had Dr. Stowers perform there surgery, I have another friend scheduled with you Dr. Stowers for surgery in June with her husband to follow in December. I couldn’t be more happy and I wouldn’t change a thing! I would love to share my story with anyone who it would help! Looking forward to my one year follow up soon 🙂

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