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Date Operation: June 2016
Weight Loss: 97 LBS
Category: Gastric Sleeve


Alice has lost 97 pounds since having her gastric sleeve in June 2016 and she is enjoying life!

When asked about her “Ah-Ha” Moment she said, “I think my Ah-Ha moment was when I realized that I was sitting with my legs crossed.  I hadn’t even known that I was doing it.”

“I feel so much better and have so much more energy.  I am doing things that I had only dreamed about doing before surgery.  I am enjoying life!”

When asked about My Bariatric Solutions and her Doctor, she replied, “I only have GREAT things to say about my whole experience.  From my first consultation, to my hospital stay and my follow ups.  Everyone has been super nice and answered any questions and concerns that I may have had.”

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